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Puppy Kindergarten

$200 + tax, 5 weeks 1hr/week

for puppies aged 2-4 months 

This is a 5 week intensive course designed to give you the tools that you need to survive puppy-hood (teething, crate training, house training etc) as well as expose your puppy to all manner of new and novel situations in a positive and fun way that promotes confidence, self control and a great attitude!

Puppy Elementary

$200 + tax, 5 weeks 1hr/week

for puppies aged 4-6 months 

Puppy Elementary guides you and your puppy through learning basic puppy cues such as sit, down, recalls, and stay. In addition your puppy will learn socialization skills and build confidence! Matching puppies with proper playmates to learn and maintain good social skills, as well as providing information and support for common puppyhood issues is all a part of Puppy Elementary.

Puppy Einstein

$200 + tax, 5 weeks 1hr/week

for puppies aged 3-9 months 

Puppy Einstein is like taking your puppy to summer camp! Brain games, puppy agility, body awareness, puzzles, and scent work basics are all a part of having a blast with your pup and discovering how much fun you can have with a dog.

Puppy Social Hour

$15/ 1 hr session

for puppies aged 3-12 months 

We love puppies! We also understand that puppies have very special socialization needs. For that reason we host weekly puppy drop in socialization times. We have unique surfaces, safe structures to climb, a swimming pool (with life jackets!), other puppies, and experienced instructors to help you though all of your puppy training challenges.

Puppy Ambassadors

$200 + tax, 5 weeks 1hr/week

for puppies aged 2-6 months 

Ready for an ADVENTURE!? Based on our very popular Community Ambassadors course and heavily influenced by the Puppy Culture program, we have developed a puppy class to facilitate the early development of skills and positive associations that create amazing community dogs.

Our first class meets at the training facility but after that we hit the road, visiting our incredible community partners to practice skills, socialize, learn how to focus under distraction, and make new friends! On our list of partners we include a veterinary office, a pet store, a park, a coffee shop, and a hardware store. They’re ALL looking forward to meeting your puppy and creating the best socialization and training experiences that they can offer!

In-Home Consultation

$130 + tax, Initial consultation, $90 follow up sessions

for all ages

Didn't see what you were hoping for? Your schedule doesn't match up with our classes? You're allergic to dogs and can't do group classes?

There are many reasons why a class might not be the right fit for you and your puppy. 

A private In-Home Consultation might just be the solution you're looking for. Choose from one of our popular puppy classes, or set your own agenda to work through some of your personal challenges. 

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