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Leaving your pup can be difficult, we completely understand! That’s why we strive to provide personable care to ensure your dog is comfortable, happy, and well-loved during their stay. Daytime will be full of fun as your dog is within our daycare group, and at night your dog's sleeping arrangements can be accommodated to whatever they are used to. If your dog is crated then we can crate them, if they are used to open space we can use one of our exercise pens or back areas, or if you prefer one of our staff can take them to their home to relax! We try our best to accommodate to minimize the potential for stress and discomfort. ​

What should you pack for their sleepover?

Food - in order to not upset any tummies, please bring whatever your dog eats at home! It is also a great idea to bring a little extra, just in case.

Medication - we are happy to administer medication, we just ask you to include detailed instructions on how and when it should be done.

Things to make note of:


Day of daycare is included on drop-off day.

Dogs that stay overnight must board regularly or come for daycare, it is very important they are comfortable and familiar with us.

While we are closed for daycare Sundays, we are able to do boarding drop-offs and pick-ups either between 7-9 am and 3-5 pm

Boarding dogs must pass the daycare assessment

For pickups later than 11 am we charge a $25 late fee to cover time spent at daycare



$40 per night single dog

$75 per night two dogs

10% off stay of over ten days

$25 late fee on pick up after 11am



Single Dog - $44/night

Two Dogs - $78/night

Three Dogs - $115/night

Take Home Single Dog - $70/night

10% off a stay of over ten days

$25 late fee on pick up after 11am

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