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Total Recall

$200 + tax, 5 weeks 1hr/week

pre-requisite: none

A solid recall is one of the greatest gifts you can give your dog! It offers them freedom, safety, and security. This 5 week course puts intensive focus on this skill and gives you the tools to have confidence that your pup will come back to you; even if a squirrel is providing a prime distraction!

Leash Skills & Reactivity

$220 + tax, 5 weeks 1hr/week

pre-requisite: none

Good leash manners and reactivity are the some of the most common issue that dog owners face. It can be embarrassing, scary, and downright obnoxious. Building from the ground up, this course works to change the on-leash conversation to develop appropriate, calm, loose leash skills and better social interactions.

Career Canines

$200 + tax, 5 weeks 1hr/week

pre-requisite: none

Dock Diver? Flyball Dog? Frisbee player? Rally O Super Star? This is a fast paced 5 week course that allows you to sample various dog sports and dog jobs! From scent detection to flyball, agility, tricks, and rally obedience this class is designed to give your dog a chance to see what he or she enjoys and will excel in! Each class is set up to teach the foundational skills of various canine pursuits in such a way that your pup will be set up to continue their chosen career with joy and enthusiasm.

Basic Training

$200 + tax, 5 weeks 1hr/week

pre-requisite: none

Basic Training focuses on the cues and general manners that all dogs should know to be a model canine citizen. Focus, sit, down, stay, come, and leash skills are taught in a controlled, fun environment with gradually escalating distance, duration and distraction, to give your dog the best opportunities for success, and a solid foundation of skills to build on in the real world.

4 On The Floor

$200 + tax, 5 weeks 1hr/week

pre-requisite: none

Love hurts… sometimes a bit too much! Like when your otherwise amazing dog decides that the best way to greet you, your visitors, and random grandmothers passing by on the street is by launching a two footed tactical assault. Fear not! We have solutions. This is a 5 week intensive course on teaching your dog how to greet with all four feet on the floor, which will take your amazing dog to the next level of incredible.


$200 + tax, 5 weeks 1hr/week

pre-requisite: none

Experienced performer, Doghouse trainer Kristen McKenna often receives requests for trained dogs to participate in commercials, theatre, public performances, and television. Hollywoof is part tricks class and part recruiting tool! Learn essential performance skills, get some new tricks under your belt, show off a bit, and build a portfolio that will be kept on file so that we can recommend you and your dog for work when requests come in.

Community Ambassadors

$200 + tax, 5 weeks 1hr/week

pre-requisite: basic obediance or equivalent skills

Did you know that Edmonton has over 20 dog friendly patios? A dozen dog friendly retail stores? This fun class will give your dog the manners and skills that they need to be shining examples of good behaviour and to skillfully access dog-friendly public spaces. The first three sessions will be in-classroom learning some new skills, and the final two classes will be out in the community, polishing and generalizing those skills with our partner retailers.


Skills include: Tucking into small spaces, food refusal, auto relaxation, loose leash walking with distraction, startle recovery, approaches by friendly strangers, and supervised separation.


This is a fabulous preparatory course for Canine Good Neighbour testing, Therapy Dogs, and Service Dog Candidates. It’s also excellent for the family pet who enjoys an active lifestyle with their families and would like the skills to be ‘that cool dog’ hanging out on the patio while their people enjoy a beautiful summer evening in Edmonton.

In-Home Consultation

$130 + tax, Initial consultation, $90 follow up sessions

for all ages

Didn't see what you were hoping for? Your schedule doesn't match up with our classes? You're allergic to dogs and can't do group classes? Your dog isn't a fan of other dogs?

There are many reasons why a class might not be the right fit for you and your dog. 

A private In-Home Consultation might just be the solution you're looking for. Choose from one of our popular training classes, or set your own agenda to work through some of your personal challenges. 

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Our trainer, Kristen McKenna BA, B.Ed, DBTMc, KPA-CTP, has been training dogs competitively and professionally since 1996. She is an internationally recognized expert in dog behaviour and training, and is committed to ongoing education in pursuit of effective, humane training techniques that make life with dogs easier and more enjoyable.

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