Boarding is $40 a night for one dog including daycare, or $74 for two dogs.

Multiple dogs must be from the same household.

We charge $15 for pick ups times after 11am to cover extra daycare time.  There is a 10% discount on stays over 10 nights.

NOTE:  Sundays drop off and pick up times are as follows:

7am-10am,  or 6-9pm.   Other times must be arranged in advance and are $15 extra.

What to bring?

Food – make sure that if your dog is a picky eater, doesn’t eat in new environment’s or has allergies that you provide an enticement. ex. wet food, chicken, tuna, treats, pumpkin.

Bedding– you are able to bring your dogs bed or blankets however we are not at fault if they are chewed or ruined (we do our best to  make sure it doesn’t happen). We can also provide our own bedding.  We do not have a washer nor dryer in the facility. Please do not bring wire crates.

Quick-release collar-  clip release collars are collars with a buckle, this is non-negotiable if you do not have one we can provide one. It is the safest collar for daycare.

Please try to avoid bringing too many toys or extra items.

Where will my dog sleep?

We are very flexible when it comes to sleeping arrangements. If your dog sleeps in a crate we can crate him/her, if they are not crate trained we offer larger dog runs or our spacious daycare area.


If your dog has medication, please bring it sealed in a plastic bag with instructions on how to administer.



Baths are not included in overnight stays.

If you would like your dog bathed please book in advance.  Check out our Spa page for details on available services.