Why is Dog Daycare Important?

Socialization is an important part of dog ownership. As a dog owner you want the best for your pets, and giving them the opportunity to interact amongst their own helps them to build confidence, learn from others,  and sets them on a healthy path for the future. Daycare is not only the place for them to burn physical energy but also helps to stimulate the brain by meeting new dogs, people and learning to adapt in new environments without their owners.  Daycare is great for dogs who suffer with separation anxiety as it’s a safe place for your dog to take the time away from you without being placed in a kennel or left home alone. It’s also a great place for new dog owners to socialize their new family members as all of the dogs are under control at all times, opposed to unsupervised or uncontrolled dogs at parks or on walks.

Why The Dog House?

Open Monday – Friday 6:30am – 6:00pm

Saturdays – 9:00am – 5:00pm

Closed Sundays & Holidays (unless otherwise stated on our facebook page)

We believe that your dog will love The Dog House just as much as we do after a couple of daycare days. We are a larger facility in the city that will not overload our space, we like to treat each dog individually adapting to their comfort level; if your dog is nervous we will recommend starting with 1/2 days on slower days and then working up to full days, if your dog is full of energy we will recommend starting on one of our busier days! You are welcome to call and check in on how your dog is doing at any time of day, we also encourage that you follow our facebook page as we post pictures daily.

Tours are also available by appointment.

All dogs must go through a $20 assesment before coming to daycare. To book your assessment please call 780-436-3647

All dogs over 6 months of age must be fixed. No exceptions.

Come play with us!